Cold Calling Works

Cold Calling Works

Let's face it, as unpleasant as it can be cold calling works. Like most numbers games, the more people you contact, the better the chances of success. Most of us know this on some level, yet the act of calling someone you don't know on the phone, and asking them to do business with you, is so unpleasant that we tend to avoid it at all cost. If we do end up getting on the phone to start cold calling, we do it so little that it's rarely effective. The top producers within our industry are those that contact massive amounts of people on a regular and consistent basis.

Warm Leads vs. Cold Leads

You may already pay for a lead service and wonder what the difference is between that existing service and our marketing packages. The answer is simple - our team of lead specialists contact thousands of people every day with qualifying questions to ensure quality leads. Unlike many other lead services we do not provide web generated (cold) leads. We are not a website that a person comes to, clicks on a link and triggers a "lead" email to be sent out. Those "cold leads" have little value and produce few results; driving up your costs with no return on your investment. Our leads are qualified by our team of professionals to ensure that by the time you receive the lead, they are ready willing and able to do business with you.

Exclusive Leads

We provide proven marketing services to our clients in various markets around the country. Although we may have more than one client in each market, our leads are only sent to one subscriber of a given industry within the same market.

Appointment Setting and Flex Time

We are a call center that specializes in lead generation and marketing services to industry professionals. Some of our packages include the service of "call center flex time". Effect examples of flex time would be setting appointments on your behalf, promoting an open house, calling a neighborhood to report the sales amount of your recently closed listing while seeking additional seller leads, targeting neighborhoods for "off market" potential listings for your hard to place buyer, or even calling recently licensed real estate agents to recruit for your office. Flex time can be used any way you like and is at your discretion.

Competitive Advantage

Have you ever heard the saying "listings breed listings"? Once you have an entire call center standing behind you it’s likely to result in consistent production for your business due to the sheer number of people we connect with on a daily basis. The next time you’re in a listing presentation, mention the fact that you have a marketing company standing by to promote their home, and watch your number of successful listing presentations increase.

Full Service Marketing

Along with quality leads, Source One America also provides many additional marketing services to help increase the chances of success for your business. Learn more about the tools we offer.